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The Newness Multicolor 70x100 has been designed and manufactured to meet any type of printing need, including the printing of especially thin materials, pre-printed in Offset Mode.
This screen printing machine stands out for its rigorously tested, automatic feeder which can deliver materials to the grippers and roller conveyors on the register plane as well as to its register points-free vacuum table.
Combining several print carriages in a row will allow the machine operator to obtain more colorful register plane prints in one single pass. Drying ovens are installed between each print carriage for dry-on-dry printing.

All the screen printing machine’s functions are managed and controlled by the PLC and can be accessed by the machine operator via a touch-screen interface.

Thanks to an internal display viewer, the placement of the screen on the register plane is quick and accurate as is the air pressure regulation for the squeegee blade and scraper.

The screen can be cleaned safely, easily, and comfortably since the entire print carriage lifts up pneumatically. At the end of the printing process, the sheet is gently released on the conveyor belt of the dryer oven for final desiccation.



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Technical Report

Mod. 500x700 Mod. 700x100
Layout 50x70 Layout 70x100
Maximum printing format mm 500x700 720x1020
Maximum sheet format mm 510x700 720x1050
Maximum frame format mm 880x1030 1190x1380
Maximum device depth mm 6 6
Mechanic cycles per hour 900 900
Air consumption lt/h 600 600
Supply voltage 400 V 50 Hz trifase 400 V 50 Hz trifase
Air pressure ba 7 7
Installed power Kw 10 10
Feeder Weight Kg 300 350
Print Carriage Weight Kg 600 700
Maximum Feeder Load Height mm 470 470
Maximum Feeder Load Weight Kg 200 200
Print with UV Inks Si Si
Print with water-based Inks   Si Si
Print with solvent-based Inks Si Si

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