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Application of application tape and calendering of pre-spaced labels automatic system (with operator) Nr. 1200 copies/ hour
Application of pre-spaced labels on application tape and calendering Nr. 3000 copies/ hour
Coupling, cutting and calendering of pre-spaced labels by pc, completely self-contained system (without operator)
Cutting of coils of self -sticking material, possibility in planning the number of pieces and sizes, completely self-contained system (without operator)
Itís possible to cut any format of coil material, particularly suitable for application tape, adhesive tape, self-sticking papers, autonomous system
Some of the various possible combinations to exploit a coil of M. 100x1.30 without any waste:



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Technical Report

Supply speed m/mm. From 0 up to 11,40
Cylinder motor power at 60 Hz. Kw 0,22
Transfer motor power Kw 0,08
Max. working space width mm 740
Min. working space width mm 50
Max. working space length mm 1200
Min. working space length mm 120
Max. coil diameter mm 350
Max. coil width mm 1300
Flanges for coils core 75/150
Production/hour (average of label length mm.300) N 1400
Total installed power Kw 0,50
Weight Kg 250
Overall dimensions mm A/300 - B/1650

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