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Newness 70x100 Promotion

New - Two supports in one pass!

Application Foil

Newness Gripper

Newness Multicolor 50x70 - 70x100


Planning and Costruction

Application Foil

Absolute news!


Designed and made to apply the previously printed supports foil with glue on the screen printing.
The machine can be installed in line as a stand-alone or independent with automatic feeder.

Innovative features:
 Can be applied by roller hot on printed matter I note in without cliché engraved.
 With step system and recovery of unused spaces in foil.

Innovation copmared to existing system:
Possible give respect to the heat presses, to obtain reliefs without creating Embossing on the Support because we can find the same result obtained not through the deformation of the support, but with glue thickness.
This avoids the construction of an engraved cliché for each job.


Application process:
The support is printed with silkscreen ink of the height desired.
The printing Glue is dried by system UV.
Support is inserted in the group of lamination that allows the capture of the foil , where only printed .

It 'also possible to mount both foils of different colors to obtain two processes in one step.

Stand-alone - Automatic formats 50x70 and 70x100

Semiautomatic format 35x50


- brocure foil 35 (133 KBytes)
- brocure ap-foil 75 - 105 (214 KBytes)
Application foil new Ap foil 35x50

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